Here at Woodhall Products Ltd our 3D Technology department allows us to design exciting new products.

Our 3D Design systems can draw and model new prototype components for customers who require detailed products that are starting or still in development. Also 3D designs can be used to modify or improve components prior to manufacture, quickly and cost effectively.

Newly designed prototypes can then be 3D printed for testing, this is a unique way to evaluate products prior to production. These working low cost samples can easily be modified and reprinted if necessary to suit any changing circumstances. This is a great way to evaluate the size and fit etc. of new products or components.

Two of Our 3D Printers

3D Printing in Progress

3D design
3D printing
Product prototyping and 3D printing
3D scanning and manipulation

We have developed with the aid of our 3D Printers, tooling which we call ZYYP. This multi-part tooling drastically improves the speed in which new concept components can be designed and produced within a short amount of time.

Currently we have added a further two 3D Printers to our portfolio. These new printers belong to a much higher level of design and development in which the use of lasers and encompassing materials like Kevlar, carbon fibre and even rubber into 3D printed Plastic massively improves accuracy, quality and lifespan of models.


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